Common Face Mask Wearing Mistakes (FTC)

As the coronavirus pandemic continues across the country, face masks are becoming more common in everyday settings. In our last post, we shared proper mask usage tips for and now you can read some common mask mistakes to ensure maximum protection for yourself and others:

  • Do not use a mask that looks damaged.
  • Do not wear a loose mask.
  • Do not wear a dirty mask.
  • Do not wear a wet mask.
  • Do not wear the mask under the nose.
  • Do not wear the mask on your chin, leaving your mouth and nose exposed.
  • Do not leave your nose or mouth uncovered.
  • Do not remove the mask when there are people within 6 feet of you.
  • Do not share your masks with others.
  • Do not touch the front of the mask once it is on your face.
  • Do not remove the mask to talk to someone or do other things that would require touching the mask.
  • Do not leave your used mask within the reach of others.
  • Do not store your clean masks in areas where it can be exposed to cross-contamination of bacteria and germs (i.e. a table, surface, key hook, hat hook, bag, purse, backpack, car cupholder, etc.).